Happy Achiever's Stroke Support Group


The Happy Achievers's Stroke Support Group is available for survivors and others interested in increasing the understanding of the emotional, social and educational needs of stroke survivors. Research has pointed to the fact that recovery after stroke is more complete and faster with a strong support system, and we want to help make that happen. 

The group is open to anyone: stroke survivor, caregiver, members of the community. Different topics are discussed and presented each month. 

NEW in 2019!

Thanks to the Capital Region Medical Center Partners (CRMC's volunteer auxiliary) we will have a light meal for several of our meetings, in addition to our annual picnic and holiday meals. A meal will be provided at EVERY OTHER MEETING (see below). Meeting times will remain consistent if a meal is provided or not so be sure to stay tuned to which meetings have meals and which do not!

Dates for meals: February, April, June (picnic in the park), August, October and December (holiday meal)

Facility: Capital Region Medical Center
Location: Tunnell/Wherritt Community Room
Type: Support Group
Preregistration: Not required
Contact: Christa Parker
Phone: 632.5440
Sponsor: CRMC Partners
Cost: FREE
Language: English

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